At Plural Design, we supplement our essential role as Architects to include collating multiple design disciplines, integrating seamlessly into creating sensible, delightful and sustainable built environments. Established in 1997, we have striven for a multidimensional approach towards design. For us, each project, site and client represents a unique context, challenge and an opportunity. This has been our preamble that nourishes us intellectually and validates the role we play in society as professionals.

Straddling between the various scales of a context – the regional, the urban and the specific, our studio strives to offer a holistic perspective on planning, design and the management of architecture.

Each site bears testimony to its physical, biological and cultural history, as layers in a palimpsest these wait to be discerned and interpreted. Our strongest concern lies in evolving a sensitive design vocabulary that is responsive to, and aware of, this reality of a site.

The architecture that we create, on occasions merge seamlessly into their urban or natural surrounds, while at other times, stand out as landmarks offering visual delight. High standards of functional appropriateness form an obvious backbone to their ideation.

We firmly uphold that design is more than purely a sum of its parts and constantly endeavour to rise above mediocrity by engaging rigorously within the studio, while at the same time maintaining a strong connect with the academic realm.